The project is the creation of a group wiki, or a webpage that will allow for you to work as a group to create content for your topic. You have a great deal of flexibility in the creation of your project and creativity will be rewarded! Your project should include links to video clips (your own creations or those of others) and other relevant internet material to both educate and capture our interest. Most of your grade will be based on my evaluation of the material, but a portion of your grade will be dependent on what your classmates thought of your project, so be aware of your audience.

There is no minimum or maximum page length for this wiki, but I expect to see several key things. You will need to have an introduction, body, and conclusion – a structure that helps both writer and reader in any format. You will also need to provide a list of 3-5 suggestions for managers (at the end of the body) which will come directly from your understanding of the topic.

Sources for your project should both academic (a minimum of 3 academic, peer reviewed articles) and popular (a minimum of 10 links to materials from legitimate internet sources, such as or While you can use another wiki (like wikipedia) as a starting point, I do not want for you to cite or use information from wikipedia in your own wiki. Since we are linking to internet sources, it makes it much easier to plagiarize (intentionally or unintentionally) so I STRONGLY suggest that you are careful in both your interpretation of the material and the citations. Plagiarism is not allowed and will result in a failing grade.

I would like to see the topic covered in either breadth or depth. This means, that you need to give a brief overview of all of the relevant subtopics, or you need to dig deep into a couple of the subtopics. So, for example, if your topic was Technology and Stress, you could do a “breadth” wiki that would address all of the ways that technology can add to and alleviate stress in the workplace (a few paragraphs for each topic) or it could be a “depth” wiki in which you would choose a few of the ways that it can add to and alleviate stress and give much more focus to each of them with several citations for each category.

I strongly advise that you create a group contract before you get started. The group contract should specify deadlines, work responsibilites, roles and consequences for not doing your allocated portion. Everyone should sign the contract and will be held to whatever consequences were stated if the contract terms are violated (consequences can be anything reasonable, up to being “fired” from the group). If you are fired from a group, you will be held to the same class deadlines that I assign and will have to complete the entire project on a different topic (assigned by me) on your own.
You should submit a brief outline of your project to me by Wednesday, Oct 10th. I will give you feedback on it to help give you some direction. You are welcome to start working on the wiki at any time once you get this set of guidelines.
Project timeline (due dates):
Oct 10th – outline due
Nov 16th – wiki due
Nov 28th – feedback on other wiki

80% project itself
10% feedback from others
10% your feedback to other group